Sunday, April 1, 2012

Use Social Media to Find Your Next Pet

The other day, a new social media trend was brought to my attention, and the news brought a smile to my face. Many shelter dogs and cats are finding homes through social media. Isn’t that just a great use of technology? I can’t really think of anything better, except maybe for that guy who diagnosed himself with Cushing’s disease after seeing a picture on Reddit - a find that allowed him to set himself on the road to recovery.

Ah, I love a good social media success story. But, this news got me thinking. Some animal shelters are doing an awesome job at using social media to their advantage, but so many others either shy away or put forth only a minute amount of effort. It’s sad really; just think about those poor little dogs and cats sitting there behind bars just waiting for someone to come in off the street and take them home. If their picture would just get posted on Facebook along with a heart-warming story, you can bet Fido will be finding his forever home very soon.

People just love to help good causes, but they don’t necessarily always go out of their way to seek out opportunities. That’s what’s so great about social media. The opportunities are passed around from person to person until it reaches one that feels the need to take action. From the pharmacy tech next door to the paleontologist in Mumbai, social media spreads awareness. We’ve seen it with KONY 2012, and now we’re seeing it with pet adoptions.

So, I guess the moral of this story is: if you come across a story about a pet who needs a home, go ahead and pass it on. And if you are ever in a situation where you need to spread awareness about a good cause, use social media.

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